Learn The “Flute” Solo in Stairway To Heaven On Guitar

Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

Hey all. As mentioned in the video above, the tabs for the Flute part are below. If you have any problems with them, let me know, but you should do fine. Just remember to watch the video a few times, paying attention to the fingering I’m using, and then run through the tabs to see if you get it. I left the fingerings out ’cause I know that we all have varied ways of playing things and you may find a fingering that works better for you than my own.

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Stairway To Heaven Flute Solo Tabs
Stairway To Heaven Flute Solo Tabs

Learn How To Dominate The Major Scale On Guitar – Part 3 – 6/1 Form

Written by admin on May 10th, 2011

Hey all. Here’s the third installment to this Major scale series. As usual, follow the video above and check below for the scale form diagram.

Once you have this scale form down then you should be comfortable stringing the 6/4, 6/2 and 6/1 major scale forms together. Remember, these forms are moveable so all you need is a root note and you’re ready to rock!!

Juts be careful with the stretching of the 4th finger… Click to continue »


Lyle Has Fun Jamming On The Jimi Hendrix Classic Purple Haze!!

Written by admin on May 5th, 2011

Hey all. Just a little post here with me having fun jamming to Purple Haze! The tune is of course an iconic guitar piece that begs to be a mixture of Hendrix and the individual playing it. Which is why I stick pretty much to the first solo, ala Jimi, then I go off on my own for the extended outro solo which is where the fun is, in my opinion. If there is any interest, I’ll do another post which will have the tabs for the intro and the original solo from Jimi…I will tell you that the scales I was using for my outro solo are a s follows: D major, G major and E minor pentatonic. Three simple scales with a lot of punch that fit so nicely over the end changes…:)

Now the solo is not perfect by any means. If I was actually playing with live players and not sitting down…the solo would have a different feel…but that’s the beauty of improvising…you make do with your mood, environment and playing situation. I also could have done this solo many time until I felt it was “right”…but that would take away from the spontaneity and improvisational spirit of the tune.

So there ya go! I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment! Ciao.



Learn How To Play The Exorcist Theme On Guitar!!

Written by admin on May 5th, 2011

Hey all. Here is a quick lesson on how to play the opening theme to the hit horror flick, The Exorcist!! This theme has been a lifetime favorite of mine and if you haven’t heard the Mike Oldfield album “Tubular Bells” with this featured song, then you gotta grab a copy! It’s completely awesome!

Now, the tabs I have provided you are easy enough to play, but the trick to getting the notes to sound right is to sustain as many notes into each other as possible. Don’t be quick to lift off your finger before the next note is picked. It’s kind of like using the sustain pedal on a piano…only not!

Watch, and listen, to the video above to see how I am playing it and I’m sure with a bit of practice, you’ll have this down in no time…:)

Have fun and enjoy!

Exorcist Opening Tab
Exorcist Opening Tab

The small numbers represent your fingers.


Learn How To Dominate The Major Scale On Guitar – Part 2 – 6/4 Form

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

Hey all. Here’s the second installment in my “How To Dominate The Major Scale” series. If you haven’t yet, check out the first installment here it will explain the series. Check out the above video for a detailed explanation of the scale and use the scale diagrams below to help you work your way through it. As usual, Click to continue »


Learn How To Play “Coming Home” With “Big” Chords and “Baby” Chords For Beginners

Written by admin on April 27th, 2011

Hey all. The video above shows how to play the P Diddy tune “Coming Home” It’s a song mainly with piano, drum machine and keyboards, but it is also do-able on Guitar. For this lesson, I break down the song into two areas: One for the guitarists who can play full open position chords and full barre chords; and one for those who are just beginning to play guitar or those who have small hands/fingers.

Coming Hpme - "Adult" CHords

Coming Home - "Adult" Chords

Even though I refer to the chords below as “baby” chords, Click to continue »


Learn To Play The Beatles Classic “Michelle” On Guitar

Written by admin on April 27th, 2011

Hi all. Here’s a different way of playing The Beatles Classic “Michelle”. I figured out the chords by ear from the record and voila…now I know this may not be geared to total beginners, but if you put a little effort into playing these chords, you should be good to go relatively soon. They are not as difficult as they look…AND…they will be chord you may use later on in your guitar career!

As usual, the lines of each chord diagram going down are the strings on your guitar from bottom (6th string) to top (1st string). The “x”‘s mean that you do not strike or play that particular string, and the numbers refer to your fingers.

I think this song speaks for itself, Click to continue »


Chord And Volume Swell Intro To “21 Guns” By Green Day For Guitar!

Written by admin on April 18th, 2011

Hi all. Here’s a quick lesson on playing the intro to Green Day’s “21 Guns” tune. Check out the video above for a more complete explanation of the introduction to this great song. Basically, you are using the chord shapes below along with your guitar’s volume knob or a volume pedal. And that’s pretty much it! The volume swells add a nice haunting, dramatic quality to the intro which I find very cool. In future lessons I will explore the use of volume swells in other ways which can only benefit your guitar skills…:) As usual, if you have enjoyed this lesson, please leave a comment down below. Take care and keep on rockin’!!!

21 Guns Intro Chords For Guitar

21 Guns Intro Chords For Guitar



Learn How To Dominate The Major Scale on Guitar! – Part 1 – 6/2 Form

Written by admin on April 17th, 2011

Hey all. Welcome to the beginning of the LR GUITAR scale series. In this series, I will introduce the beginning guitar player to the various major, minor and pentatonic minor scales that are so necessary in dominating your instrument…:)The idea of learning scales may seem a tad boring to some, especially when all you want to do is shred with the big boys. But the problem here is that to be able to shred, you really need to know your neck and scales. Guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and every other major player know their scales backwards and frontwards…so why shouldn’t you!? Once you spend some time on this stuff you’ll be glad you did…especially when you begin to see the results that come from a focused and serious commitment to your instrument.

The above video examines the major scale in one scale form, the 6/2. So what does this 6/2 form mean. Click to continue »


Lyle Swaps Guitar Solos With Kenny Of Thick As Thieves

Written by admin on April 14th, 2011

Hey all. Here’s another video of me playing in my Classic Rock Band alongside my guitar counterpart Kenny McKay. Ken has a more bluesy rock approach while I take a more “shred” approach. The styles mesh nicely together creating a two guitar sound that please audiences around town. In later weeks, I will be starting a new series on LR Guitar about joining a band and the role and responsibilities of playing in a band. It all looks like fun and games on stage…and it is…but there’s a lot of work being done behind the scenes to get there. I’ll keep you all posted when that series begins.

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