April 27th, 2011

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Learn How To Play “Coming Home” With “Big” Chords and “Baby” Chords For Beginners

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Hey all. The video above shows how to play the P Diddy tune “Coming Home” It’s a song mainly with piano, drum machine and keyboards, but it is also do-able on Guitar. For this lesson, I break down the song into two areas: One for the guitarists who can play full open position chords and full barre chords; and one for those who are just beginning to play guitar or those who have small hands/fingers.

Coming Hpme - "Adult" CHords

Coming Home - "Adult" Chords

Even though I refer to the chords below as “baby” chords, Click to continue »

Learn To Play The Beatles Classic “Michelle” On Guitar

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Hi all. Here’s a different way of playing The Beatles Classic “Michelle”. I figured out the chords by ear from the record and voila…now I know this may not be geared to total beginners, but if you put a little effort into playing these chords, you should be good to go relatively soon. They are not as difficult as they look…AND…they will be chord you may use later on in your guitar career!

As usual, the lines of each chord diagram going down are the strings on your guitar from bottom (6th string) to top (1st string). The “x”‘s mean that you do not strike or play that particular string, and the numbers refer to your fingers.

I think this song speaks for itself, Click to continue »