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You can contact me at the email address below and I will get back to you in the next 24 hours or sooner. I look forward to hearing what your ambitions are towards learning the guitar!

info @ lrguitar.comĀ  – (copy and paste this email address into your email application or web-based email service like GMail or Hotmail. If there are any problems, you can always leave a comment below.

FYI – the space after the “info” and after the @ need to be removed. I do this in an attempt to diminish SPAM messages.

ps: Your email address will never, ever be used by any outside person or company other than myself to reply back to you. I hate SPAM as much as the next person and won’t tolerate it in my life!

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  1. Tony says:


    I came across your add on Craigs List, and I would just like to try and get a bit more information regarding your guitar lessons. How much do you charge? Is it on a per-lesson basis, or do you also do a fixed amount of lessons at a specific price (ex. 4 lessons at 80$)? Secondly, you mention on your ad that you are in the NDG/Montreal West area. Which part are you located in specifically? I ask because I too live in NDG, so it would definitely be more convenient for me if you happen to be within the same area.

    Many Thanks!


  2. Austin says:

    Hi I’d like to learn riffs in the 5 diff scale positions ect to enhance my freestyling among other things .How much are lessons & where are you located ? Thx

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